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Quench Classic Lightening Fast

45 Min Charging

It takes hardly 45 mins for 80% charge your vehicle


Scalable architecture

60 - 120 KW

Ranging from 60 - 120kW, we have all the options

Quench Oasis @ Convenience

90 Min Charging

80% charge in 90 minutes


Slim & compact Design

30 KW

Ranging up to 30 KW, we have all the options

Quench Tallboy Fastest Charging Experience

20 Min Charging*

80% charge in 20 minutes*


Slim & compact Design

180 - 240kW

Seamlessly upgrade your quench for a faster charge

Built For Safety The Quench is built on the design philosophy of 4 fries, what are the 4 fries you ask?

  • The EV chargers should not fry the car.

  • The car should not fry the EV charger.

  • The EV charger and the car should not fry the human.

  • The EV charger should not fry the grid.

Who we Are

Quench is powered by German technology, specifically designed for the most difficult conditions on earth. The Quench can withstand harsh conditions of both the deserts of Saudi Arabia and the ultra cold climates of Scandinavia. Quench was designed by a group of power electronics specialists who have specialised in battery manufacturing and testing equipment for over 50 years. Our battery testing, charging and lab equipment have been supporting customers in over 75 countries.

Quench is part of a power electronics technology Group that provides deep industrial power electronics design, software & technical knowledge for quality battery formation rectifiers, battery testing equipment, battery charging technologies and numerous customized battery charging solutions including Electric Vehicle DC hyper chargers.



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