Classic 60 - 120kW Charging your EV has never been so simple.

Quench Classic is a resilient, reliable, and robust DC fast charger capable of charging all EVs on the market. Quench is inspired by the most extreme conditions on Earth and can efficiently operate in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Backed by our 24/7 Network Operating Center, the Classic is a smart DC fast charging option.

Built for safety

The Quench is built on the design philosophy of 4 fries, what are the 4 fries you ask? Here’s a fun video we put together explaining it.

Scalable Design

Seamlessly upgrade your Quench to 120kW with additional power modules for faster charging & higher capacity


Experience the most resilient and reliable range of DC Fast Chargers!

Your Parking Lot With Quench

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Built for safety

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