Quench EV Chargers And Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC) Announce Strategic Collaboration For Off-Grid Electric Vehicle Charging

CLARE, MICHIGAN and SHELTON, CONNECTICUT, June 15, 2023/ — Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC (ABC) is a U.S.- based battery technology company and Quench EV Chargers announce a joint strategic collaboration to roll out energy storage solutions for charging stations in the United Stated of America.  

This strategic collaboration will allow Quench Chargers to integrate ABC’s cutting-edge energy storage solutions into their product offerings, providing customers with reliable off-grid EV charging solutions. The ABC energy wall will also help address peak draw from charging stations, reducing demand charges for each charging locations where these are deployed.  

With Quench’s Off-Grid EV Charging Solutions, users will experience the convenience of charging their electric vehicles in remote areas, completely independent of traditional power grids with resilient, reliable and safe charging.  

Advanced Battery Concepts manufactures the most cost-effective, long-duration Battery Energy Storage Systems that are safe and 100% fully recyclable.  Their Energy Storage System (ESS), incorporating the company’s Advanced Bipolar EverGreenSeal™ battery technology. is based on readily available, domestically sourced materials, low-cost manufacturing and a unique structural design that allows for total recycling of active materials and battery case structure. The patented technology is the result of 14-years of engineering and international testing.      

“We are thrilled to partner with Advanced Battery Concepts to bring their innovative energy storage solutions to our customers. This collaboration allows us to enhance our product offerings and provide off-grid EV charging solutions that cater to the unique needs of the U.S. market. With Quench Chargers and ABC’s advanced technology, our customers can reduce their locational demand charges for their charging station locations and users can enjoy the convenience of charging their electric vehicles in even the most remote locations,” said Bjoern STOLL, CEO, Quench Americas. 

“The EV trend is tangible evidence of a global desire to improve our environment. Our batteries are engineered to exceed the expectations of ‘environmental responsibility’. Both companies recognize this. We are excited about this partnership with Quench Chargers. By integrating our state-of-the-art energy storage solutions into Quench’s product offerings, we can jointly provide customers with reliable and efficient off-grid EV charging solutions. Our advanced battery technology, developed through years of research and development, will enable Quench Chargers to offer a cutting-edge charging experience to their customers”, according to Michael EVERETT, President, Advanced Battery Concepts, LLC.  

About Advanced Battery Concepts: 

Advanced Battery Concepts manufactures and sells the most economically, socially, and environmentally responsible energy storage solutions available today. The business focuses on commercial and residential long duration energy storage systems, built on a foundation of proprietary technology termed EverGreenSeal™ Technology. ABC’s energy storage provides longest life, lowest installation costs, truly safe operation and a 100% evergreen recycling process. 

Better Batteries, Better World®                        https://advancedbatteryconcepts.com  

About Quench Chargers: 

Quench Chargers is powered by German technology, specifically designed to withstand the most challenging conditions on Earth. The chargers are designed by a group of power electronics specialists who have specialized in battery manufacturing and testing equipment for over 50 years. Quench Chargers have been extensively tested to withstand the harsh conditions of both the deserts of Saudi Arabia and the ultra-cold climates of Scandinavia. The company’s battery testing, charging, and lab equipment have been supporting customers in over 75 countries. 

Quench Chargers is a part of the 115-year-old Ador Group, which has a joint venture called ‘Ador Digatron’ between Ador, India, and Digatron, Germany. Ador Digatron is a technology house that provides deep industrial power electronics design, software, and technical knowledge for quality battery formation rectifiers, battery testing equipment, battery charging technologies, and numerous customized battery charging solutions, including Electric Vehicle DC hyper chargers.  

Quench EV Chargers – Build for the most extreme conditions on the planet.   https://quenchchargers.com

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Quench EV Chargers  


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