Enhancing Guest Experience with EV Charging at Your Hotel or Resort

More and more of our hotel and resort guests are driving electric vehicles (EVs), and some even rent EVs during their stay. If you’re considering adding EV chargers to your property, you’re not just keeping up with the times – you’re setting yourself apart from the competition and attracting EV enthusiasts and eco-conscious travellers. Here are some interesting reasons why installing a charger or two at your hotel or resort is a brilliant idea:

1. Offer EV Charging to Guests: Imagine being the hero for guests who drive electric cars! By providing a DC fast charger, you can help them recharge their EVs quickly and get them back to enjoying their vacation or business trip without any worries. Some hotels even go the extra mile by offering EV charging as a concierge service – parking the guest’s car and juice it up for their next adventure.

2. Earn Charging Revenue: Aside from being a great service, offering charging can also be a fantastic revenue stream. Especially if your hotel or resort is close to major highways or hot tourist spots, you can charge visitors for using your fast charger – a win-win situation!

3. Charge Your Own EV Fleet: Do you have a rental car fleet? If it includes EVs, having a fast charger on-site is a game-changer. It ensures that your rental cars are always ready to roll when our guests need them.

Choosing the Right Charger: When it comes to picking a DC fast charger, there are a few things to keep in mind. It should be compact (space is precious), modular, and upgradable to adapt to increasing demand. Reliability is key – you don’t want downtime. Additionally you also have the option of a valet/movable DC charger like the Quench Mini, which can be moved around to charge multiple cars where they’re parked.

Charger Installation Made Easy: Installing a DC fast charger can sound intimidating, so its important to work with a qualified installer. Nitty-gritty details include checking your site’s power capacity, ensuring compliance with rules and regulations, and preparing the site for the charger. If you’d like a hassle-free solution, consider the Quench Mini – it’s incredibly easy to install and only requires a 63amp industrial connection.

Adding DC fast chargers to your hotel or resort isn’t just an investment; it’s a smart one. You’ll set yourself apart, generate revenue, and provide a valuable service to your guests and visitors. Want to learn more about DC fast charging and how we can make it happen for your property? Contact one of our experts today!


Charging your EV has never been so simple

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