Quench EV Chargers launches one of the fastest charger in India. 

Quench today announced the launch of its new range of super-fast chargers – the 180kW and 240KW Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers that will offer drivers one of the fastest charging experiences in India. Specifically designed for the toughest conditions in the world, the new quench “Tallboy” series has a myriad of features to improve efficiency, ergonomics and reliability.

The Quench Tallboy is designed on a modular architecture which means that it can be upgraded from its base 180kW to a max 240kW, essentially giving a rapid charge from 0 to 80% in less than 20 minutes, fulfilling the needs of a wide spectrum of premium EV owners who want either a speedy charge or a quick boost while stopping for a quick cup of coffee.  The charger is also ideal for city electric bus fleet charging.

The Tallboy supports CCS2, CCS1 & CHAdeMO charging standards and also features some unique features like retractable cable, handicap accessible user interface, LED ticker, and many more. 

With governments throughout the world enacting policies that favor electric vehicles and charging networks to battle climate change, there is a greater need than ever for EV charging infrastructure, particularly charging stations that are quick, convenient, and simple to use. Quench aims to provide relentlessly reliable EV chargers and accelerate the adoption of e-mobility globally. 

Quench Chargers is on track to become a global leader in EV charging technology, providing a comprehensive variety of charging solutions for electric cars, buses, and trucks. Launched in 2020, quench hyper chargers have already been installed widely in India and across the globe.  

Quench is powered by German technology, specifically designed for the most difficult conditions on earth. Quench chargers are designed by a group of power electronics specialists who have specialized in battery manufacturing and testing equipment for over 50 years and has been tested to withstand the harsh conditions of both the deserts of Saudi Arabia and the ultra-cold climates of Scandinavia. The company’s battery testing, charging and lab equipment have been supporting customers in over 75 countries. 

Quench is a part of the 115-year-old Ador Group, which has a joint venture entitled ‘Ador Digatron’ between Ador, India, and Digatron, Germany. Ador Digatron is a technology house that provides deep industrial power electronics design, software & technical knowledge for quality battery formation rectifiers, battery testing equipment, battery charging technologies, and numerous customized battery charging solutions including Electric Vehicle DC hyper chargers. 

Launch Video – https://youtu.be/9g9V-PEokCI

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